Recipient of the Mom's Choice Awards - Gold Award and 5 Stars from Readers' Favorite


Joseph Cassis


Joseph wrote this book to celebrate the birth of his first granddaughter, Isla and to inspire her to be a lifelong learner so she might achieve great things. He has written screenplays as well as advertising and marketing promotional materials, but this is his first published book. He not only wrote the story but taught himself how to do illustrations on a digital drawing board which enable him to be quite an artist. The writing, illustrating and going through the publishing process of editing and layout took about one year to complete the book.



Joseph was inspired by a promise he made to his daughter Mallory over 30 years ago. She was two years-old when they were on the steps of the Cinderella Castle at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom where he promised her to write a book about her favorite topic at the time; knights and dragons. 

Life flew by but when he learned of his granddaughter, he knew he had to meet the challenge and publish this book.



Isla is growing up fast. Hopefully, her parents will be reading Squire With Fire soon along with other books including a series which is on its way. Joseph will begin marketing Squire With Fire book by visiting schools, libraries, and book stores to emphasize the importance of literacy. He believes young children must relate to the story to intrigue them, but more importantly, enhance their imagination to be creative. He even focuses on being innovative in his book. As he says, “Enjoy Your Imagination!”